Virtual Edition: Berlin Model United Nations (BERMUN) – 29. Internationale Schülerkonferenz vom 18. bis 21. November 2020

This year’s  BERMUN (Berlin Model United Nations) conference was dealing with the topic of  ´Solidarity amid contagious globalization and fragmentation“.

As the newly discovered virus Covid-19 and the worldwide on-going pandemic is challenging all countries and their governments it’s essential for the world to strive together towards a future where current challenges equally to the uphold of the countries’ economies or health systems can be managed efficiently by facing them with unification and support for each other.

At this year’s conference the students of the Friedrichsgymnasium had the honor to represent not only one country and their standpoint on political issues, but two. The country of Libya as well as the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia were represented by the school’s delegation. The students Marleen Avakhti (Q3), ambassador of the country of Libya, and Sarah Yousfi (Q3), ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, were both part of the Political Committee. The students Anastasia Andryeyeva (Q3) and Mina Hashemzada (E1) acted and voted on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Special Conference and Economic and Social Council. Furthermore, the country of Libya was represented by Julia Abt (Q3) in the Human Rights     Committee.

Next to the great opportunity of being the representatives of two countries, the delegates were the first participants in BERMUN history to ever experience an MUN conference which was   completely held and performed virtually. The hardworking BERMUN team made it possible to  create a platform accessible to approximately 450 students of over more than 50 schools spread around the globe. And if you now think that this conference was less enjoyable and eventful due to the virtualization of the conference, you are definitely wrong.

Besides fruitful debates on topics such as ´Regulating nuclear weapon proliferation as a foundation for global cooperation in an age of increasing militarism“ and ´Preparing societies and economies for future pandemics and epidemics“, the delegates were confronted with the breaking news of an UN-crisis: The United States of America had taken decisive action to eliminate US funding of the United Nations which cut 22% of the UN Budget. Moreover, Brazil and the Philippines had decided to withdraw the UN on January 1, 2021. Both

devastating actions could have lead to a collapse of the entire constitution. Therefore, all       committees were encouraged to come up with resolutions which were presented and voted on at the end of the closing ceremony of the conference.

But next to the serious and challenging parts of this crisis, the participants also experienced cookie breaks where the latest TikTok trends and viral Instagram posts of celebrities were          intensely discussed and talked about. Even the highlight for each delegate of every conference, the  Gossip Box, wasn’t forgotten about and even integrated as a feature in the BERMUN        platform. That way delegates were given the chance to write supportive and funny comments about each other which were read out via committee live chat by the chairs at the end of each committee session. Comments like ´Sweden’s hairstyle looks amazing today“, I love the chairs’ smile (so cute!)“ and ´The delegate of the Russian Federation should def’ run for president 2024!“ brightened up each session day by day and made the conference even more memorable and fun to look back at.

Surely, it can be said that it was an honor and, indeed, a gain in numerous ways to be part of BERMUN 2020. To speak in the name of all participants, we entirely suggest to any politics-    interested and openminded students to join our schools’ MUN-club and attend next year’s conference to make the full MUN- experience on their own and represent a country as well as our school, the Friedrichsgymnasium.

Moreover, we would like to thank Mr. Rehm for helping us   concerning technical difficulties throughout the whole conference and, last but certainly not least, Mrs. Pauly for providing this great chance, helping on writing resolutions, preparing for the      conference, encouraging to speak up and at all times supporting us.

We would also like to express our thankfulness to the FG-Förderverein which again gave us financial support!


So, 21.04.Di, 23.04.

Probentage DS-Kurse Q2

So, 21.04.

Redaktionsschluss FG-Jahrbuch

Mo, 22.04.Fr, 26.04.

Einwahlen zur E-Phase und Q1, Abwahlen zur Q3

Di, 23.04.

Musik-Plus-Workshop GS Obervellmar

Mi, 24.04.

15:30 – 17:00
Fachkonferenzen Spo